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Instruction and Drum Circle Facilitation for Kids

Children's Drum Classes are scheduled whenever they are requested. The minimum number of children required for a class to be held is 5. Cost is $50 for 4 45 min. weekly lessons.

Private Drum Lessons for children are available by request. Cost is $20 per half hour lesson.

The Children's Drum-Making Workshops are organized and facilitated by The Grafton Drum Co-op and are available for after-school programs, home-school groups, girl and boy scouts or anyone else! For information or to schedule a Children's Drum-Making Workshop, contact

Details of Workshop:

What is the structure of the workshop?

We come together in a circle to begin our workshop. We talk a little about the drums, what they are made of and how we are going to make them. We then allow our drum shells to call to each of us to pick us out!

We spend the next hour sanding and painting special symbols on the drum shell. Creativity and imagination abound!

After the paint has dried, I work with each child to attach the goatskin head to the drum.

When all the children have finished their drum we gather in circle again to play our drums.

To see pictures of the process, go to our Kid's Drum Making Photo Gallery.

When public Drum Making Workshops for kids are scheduled, they will be listed here.

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